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2006/01/19 00:35:29
J b
Re: [HN] (no subject) Speckman
Datum 2006/01/19 01:23:17
J b
RE: [HN] Research
2006/01/24 16:02:22
Re: [HN] Maps and Town/City Lists
Betreff 2006/01/30 15:29:05
[HN] Martfeld-Hoya Sibonus, Runge, Vennigerholz
2006/01/14 01:41:18
Bob Marhenke
Re: [HN] German Prison of war camp
Autor 2006/01/02 08:53:54
[HN] Re: Hannover-L Nachrichtensammlung, Band 25, Eintrag 43


Date: 2006/01/19 00:42:07
From: Bob Marhenke <bobmarval(a)...

I have belonged to this the list for quite some time and it has been very
helpful to me. 

I want to refresh my query.  I am searching for any MARHENKE information
any one might have.  My MARHENKE'S came from southwest of HANNOVER in the
middle 1800's.  They lived in the WALLENSEN, TH√úSTE, MARIENHAGEN,
DEINSEN, BANTELN, WEENZEN etc area. The MARHENKE name appears to have
come from this surrounding area originally altho quite scattered now it
still not a very common name

If any one has any information of any MARHENKE family, I am very
interested----Bob Marhenke Lincoln Nebraska