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2006/01/18 23:33:04
Sven Honerkamp
[HN] Speckmann from Wellingholzhausen, Melle
Datum 2006/01/19 00:35:29
J b
Re: [HN] (no subject) Speckman
2006/01/05 01:42:34
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Re: Request: web sites of German churches
Betreff 2006/01/19 01:23:17
J b
RE: [HN] Research
2006/01/18 23:32:17
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Heinrich George Christoph Gotlieb VOGES
Autor 2006/01/19 21:23:37
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Speckman

[HN] Research

Date: 2006/01/18 23:47:43
From: R&B Stewart <raybarbara(a)...

Hi J B,

      Hire a researcher???  No way, that's too easy!  You only do that when
you've exhausted every single bit of info you can find.  Even then, you hope
and pray that the LDS will eventually copy all the records for EVERYWHERE.
Probably not in our lifetime. Anyway, there are so many resources that you
touch every base, beg people, search every mailing list and message board.
And Google is getting so good supplying more and more info.  The hunt is
what makes it fun.  Don't you have lots of friends and relatives who think
you're nuts??  Dead relatives? who cares?  My problem is I never know when
to stop. I should be working on some England/Scotland stuff and Bavaria
stuff and some loose ends in Hannover besides. I wish Bavaria would have a
list for English-speaking folk.  I know the Rootsweb one is there, but not
as many Germans write on that one as they do here.

   Sorry I forgot to write Speckman in my response on my last letter! That
is so helpful in the long run.


on 1/18/06 3:15 PM, J b at johnbrene(a)... wrote:

> First off, it is always best to include a subject line. Without one, many
> listers might not even look at your posting, having no idea what it might be
> about. I'll put my response under SPECKMAN.
> Much like I wrote to Neil in Australia earlier today, it might be best to
> indicate what record searches you have performed to date locally on the
> American side. Without an idea of the city or town your ancestor comes from
> in Germany, you are somewhat like a raft in the middle of the sea. Knowing
> "Hanover" and little more puts you in the Atlantic let's say, as opposed to
> the entire seven seas, but not much further.
> In a nutshell, you generally need to exhaust the available records on the
> local (American) side before hoping to jump the pond. Since none of us have
> any idea how much experience you may have, or how many records you have
> availed yourself to so far in this regard, it is hard to pinpoint the best
> approach to take or suggest. Once this is known, listers may offer up
> additional resources or ideas on how to proceed further. Obvious ones are
> records pertaining to vital stats (B-D-M), burials, obituaries, censuses and
> naturalizations. It simply extends in complexity from there. LDS resources
> as well as Internet search engines and genealogical websites are also "must"
> checks in ones research arsenal these days.
> There is also the often effective method of hiring a professional
> genealogist/researcher on the German side. A number of them - all quite
> competent - are subscribers to this list. Their services are not necessarily
> cheap per se, but are still often reasonable due to their expertise with the
> German archives and available resources on their end. But here too, unless
> you have a few specifics to offer regarding your antecedents location, you
> may be in over your head, and this will curtail their effectiveness
> likewise. Or at a minimum, pretty much guarantee a larger research nick.
> Jb
>> I am looking for information related to my great grandfather Frederick
>> Speckman.
>> He was born around 1844 in the Kingdom of Hanover and came to the US in
>> about 1857 and ended up in San Francicsco where he married Anna Stoppler
>> and had 19 children. He died after 1910.
>> I am trying to find out anything I can about him or his family in Germany.
>> Like what town he was from or who is parents were and if his parents also
>> came to the US.
>> Thanks for any help you can give me
>> Best Regards,
>> Barney Speckman
>> San Francisco, Califronia USA
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