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R&B Stewart
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R&B Stewart
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Date: 2006/01/18 22:23:30
From: gale <gale(a)...

Hi Barney:

Barney, you are playing roulette asking if anyone on the
list might know about your GGP and the town he came from.

You need to have some facts from the States and that is
where you are lucky.

In ESS EFF you have the Herb Caen
Library, where you can find Obits going back to the 49ers.
Look for your GGP's Obit, it is likely to indicate where
he came from.  My GP came to the states in 1867 on the
Bremen, a sailing steamer.  There are many articles about
the Bremen in the library's archives.

The Herb Caen Magazines and Newspapers Center (5th floor)
has magazines, newspapers, phone books and San Francisco
City Directories.  100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA
94102 ยท Ph: 415-557-4400

Next, you have the California Genealogical Library (Sutro
Library).  It is one of the largest and best in the
West.  I found my GP's name on the passenger list of
the Bremmen.  I found my other GGP and GP's marriage
records there (from Missiouri).  If you can narrow down
the date your GGP arrived, you can very likely find a film
with his ship and name on it.  They are in chronological
order, which makes it easier if you have a date.

Sutro Library
480 Winston Drive
San Francisco, CA 94132

The Sutro Library has one of the largest genealogical
collections west of Salt Lake City with extensive
resources for states other than California and basic
resources for California. The California Section of the
California State Library, Sacramento, has more materials
for California history and genealogy.

Then you have the National Maritime Library out at Fort
Mason.  The have copies of the Lloyds Registery and photos
of ships no one has heard of.  They had a photo (yes a
photo) of the Bremen, when it was once in SF.  I also
found many photos of the USS General Mann, the ship I went to Korea on. Many of the photos were of the (cruse) I was
on, but I didn't see my mug.

J. Porter Shaw Library  at the San Francisco Maritime
National Historical Park

At the corner of Laguna and Beach streets
San Francisco, California 94123

OK, now lets go south a little. You have the National
Records center at:
1000 Commodore Drive
San Bruno, California 94066-2350

Finally, there are a lot of historical churches in SF.
Marriage records could very well be in one of the Historical Churches in SF.

You have the City and County of San Francico for many other records.

I would start with the obits and marraige records.

Good Luck,

Walnut Creek

Was at the Fog City Diner a couple of weeks ago, Farley and the Bears were not there.

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 12:06:30 -0500
 bmspeckman(a)... wrote:

I am looking for information related to my great grandfather Frederick Speckman.

He was born around 1844 in the Kingdom of Hanover and came to the US in about 1857 and ended up in San Francicsco where he married Anna Stoppler and had 19 children. He died after 1910.

I am trying to find out anything I can about him or his family in Germany. Like what town he was from or who is parents were and if his parents also came to the US. Thanks for any help you can give me

Best Regards,

Barney Speckman
San Francisco, Califronia USA

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