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2006/01/12 00:05:04
[HN] Hannover-Burgdorf
Datum 2006/01/12 07:06:15
Cactus Flower
RE: [HN] Brg.Anz. (Was Burgdorf)
2006/01/12 00:05:04
[HN] Hannover-Burgdorf
Betreff 2006/01/12 22:02:26
R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Hannover-Burgdorf
2006/01/11 09:36:27
Cactus Flower
RE: [HN] Hannover Burgdorf Family
Autor 2006/01/12 07:06:15
Cactus Flower
RE: [HN] Brg.Anz. (Was Burgdorf)

RE: [HN] Hannover-Burgdorf

Date: 2006/01/12 06:14:10
From: Cactus Flower <barbie8674(a)...

Dear Max,

Not sure in the Ictus Solis..:)

Might be able to "google" a website out that has glossary of old disease names.

What I found interesting on the hospital data was that it said this Wilhelm had been in New Orleans for 4 years. Perhaps you might find him on a passenger list ,on 1850 and/or later census ', a civil or church record, newspaper mention, obituary, obitury relating to his descendents, and discover a family connection that enables you to discover your German Roots.

Is my theory to explore "possibles" when stuck for information. This Wilhelm appears to share in common to your research the locality of New Orleans, and similar surname. You might get lucky. Or might be another dead end to cross off your list.

There are 15 New Orleans obituary listed for the surname Burgdorf at this site:

I just listed a few of the older ones. Might be worth obtaining the obits of the persons that share your surname that you are not familiar with. You might find a little piece of information, like an address or an additional name that will help to complete your quest.

How to order obits:

Louisiana Division
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112

The charge is $2.00 per obituary. A little expensive when compared to the quarter per St. Louis County Special Collections charges. New Orleans Library system probobly could really use the money. If you order more than one obituary per individual there is only very slight chance that information will vary so they recommend discretion.

My experience is that usually multiple obits for single individual usually are identical but on occassion there are corrections, or a burial location is added.

Sometimes a burial permit is published as well as an obituary.

The burial permits often include cause of death and the address of deceased which helps if obituary doesn't include deceased home address.


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Subject: [HN] Hannover-Burgdorf
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:42:19 -0800

The Wilhelm Burgdorf found by Barbie-Lew could possibly be my Julius Wilhelm but I have doubts. The birth year is different although close, 1823 v 1825. I will try to follow up. By the way, what is Ictus Solis? Max Charles Eugene Burchtorff is my grandfather, my namesake, the Max part. There was a son with the same name but he did not use Jr. Carl Gustave was the son of Julius and Mary (Maria) Burgdorf, my great hrandfather. As for David Burgdorf I have no data. There was a Robert, son of Max C. E. Burgdorf who died at about age 30. Bernice Doleac Burgdorf was my Dad's second wife who died quite young. Louella Burgdorf was Uncle Charley's first wife. I have no clue as to Donald but will follow up. Since before Christmas it was my aim to go to New Orleans and do some more research, reexamining some film at the HNOC library and the main public library. BUT unless you are extremely wealthy, forget about it. I've made many contacts and a couple of places had accommodations but the least expensive was $179 per night. The Monteleon Hotel rates range from $275 to $900. I was told that most of the available rooms are contracted by Fema for displaced people or workers brought in for the recovery project.. Day's Inn, a 2 start motel in Picayune Ms 50 miles from NO has posted rates of $179. I need to get down there to help my sister-in-law through some legal matters resulting from Katrina. So I am still looking.
I thank every one for your extensive help.

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