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Björn Sassenberg
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R&B Stewart
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Betty Depee
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Bernd Görtz
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Betty Depee
[HN] Charles Loges

[HN] Burgdorf in Hildesheim

Date: 2006/01/09 21:06:14
From: Bernd Görtz <bernd.goertz(a)...

Hi Max,

1. Burgdorf is a common name in Hildesheim and the region around Hildesheim.

2. It is true, there was (is) a country district Hildesheim. It was called
Landkreis Hildesheim-Marienburg.

3. Hildesheim had and has some protestantic churches. The most famous and
well known is the Michaelis church. But there are also some others (e.g.
Lamberti, St. Andreas). What churches do you have checked to find Julius
Wilhelm Burgdorf?

4. In case of a birth in one of the villages of the county district it will
be a very hard search to find it. In this case you should select all the
evangelical villages around Hildesheim and then test it! Do you know what it
is, a sisiphus-work? A work that will never end!

5. There was no civil registration in Hildesheim around 1835.

Due to this, first of all you should be sure that he is not born in the town
Hildesheim. Ask the professional genealogist whether he checked all churches
with no exception within the city and ask him, to name the churches.

Best regards

>> I am searching for the birthplace, baptismal location, etc of my
>> Julis Wilhelm Burgdorf. He states on a document he attested to in New
>> that he was born 'in Hildesheim in Hanover', about 1825.
>> A search by a professional genealogist in Germany of both Catholic and
>> Evangelical church records in the city of Hildesheim was fruitless.
>> This researcher told me that Hildesheim can refer to a 'territory'
>> as well as the city. I understand this to be similar to  a county
>> or state in the US. and that all towns, villages in that 'territory
>> are possible targets of my search. It occurs to me that I need
>> access to a map of the Hildesheim 'territory' so that I can identify them
by name.
>> I then might be able to find a church resouce, like an archdiocese
>> that may have records. While I think he was evangelical I cannot
>> rule out that he was Catholic. I have an early 1900s picture of my
>> father holding what appears to be bible and most obviously prayer beads.
>> Yet the obituary of his father has a masonic emblem.
>> To be honest I do not know how to proceed.
>> I have looked at a Hildesheim census records from LDS film,
>> again no luck. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
>> Max