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2006/01/08 16:38:47
Emmerich . Albert
Re: AW: [HN] Nicholaus Hanf from Hesse
Datum 2006/01/08 18:51:59
Heinz Ebenhög
[HN] Suche Gottieb Hanf im Kingdom Hannover
2006/01/08 05:22:43
Bonnie Hartmann
Re: [HN] German terminology in burial records
Betreff 2006/01/08 19:44:02
Bonnie Hartmann
Re: [HN] German terminology in burial records
2006/01/13 11:09:45
Re: [HN] German American internment camps
Autor 2006/01/08 20:56:49
Bernd Görtz
[HN] German terminology in burial records

[HN] German terminology in burial records

Date: 2006/01/08 17:26:14
From: Bernd Görtz <bernd.goertz(a)...

Hi Bonnie,
if it is taken from an old church record, then it is very unlikely that it
means Neighbor, cause the neighbors were normally not registrated. If it is
fom civil registration, then the informant was noted at the top of the
document, at the very beginning. Then the text normally starts with

Today, the (day of week, date) Mr. xy (place of residing, or sometimes may
be neighbor) appeared in the civil registration office and announced......

I have never seen that neighborship is announced in a church record. I think
it might be "Nachkommen", which is "descendants" in English.


> Ah, Ralf, I think you've got it!!! It is from a churchbook, St. Martini's
Ev. Lutheran Church
> in Veckenstedt, Sachsen-Anhalt. I'm positive "Nachbar" is correct.
> It is always used after an informant's name.