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2006/01/02 21:27:15
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[HN] in german language please ??? Application to emigrate
2006/01/02 19:53:26
Max Burgdorf
Re: Re: [HN] Application to emigrate
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Re: [HN] Application to emigrate
2006/01/02 04:21:51
J b
Re: [HN] Naturalized German/Americans PS
Autor 2006/01/03 00:43:03
J b
Re: [HN] Part 2 - History

Re: [HN] Application to emigrate

Date: 2006/01/02 21:56:38
From: J b <johnbrene(a)...

I'd be curious if a definitive answer can be found in this regard. To my knowledge, beyond statistical value, most permits to emigrate were of little interest to the authorities in Germany. The main reasons for issuing them were to control military conscription-age requests of young men, to ensure that the emigrant has paid his debts when he left and had additional funds for the trip (so the home country wouldn't have to bail him out during the journey), and that those under age had sufficient protection by accompanying adults, or at a minimum, were protected at their intended place of settlement. This of course being over and beyond the papers serving as an official legal declaration of abandonment (release) of German citizenship.

Depending on where they resided in Germany, most applying for such permits had to appear before a "Gemeinderat" (local council) or "Oberamt" (county administration) or "Bezirksamt" (county office), etc., to declare their intentions, and allow the legal investigations, as necessary, to begin. Often other government or controlling agencies would often be solicited or referred to. All creditors of the emigrant might be summoned to appear at some point. An announcement of the emigration was generally ordered in the local public paper and community bulletin board. Sometimes these proceedings could take a month or two to complete. There would be little reason or incentive, after such procedures ran their course, for the emigrant (or emigrant family) to procrastinate embarking.

If you get additional details from the Hannover Archives Center per Barb's suggestion, perhaps you could post it for the list.


On 1/2/06 10:26 AM, Max Burgdorf <pharmaxx(a)... wrote:
Several weeks ago I asked this question but got no response Maybe I will this time around. In the middle 1800's if a native of Hannover appled for a request to emigrate to America, was there a time limit that such authorization was limited to? ie, could someone after getting such authorization emigrate 10 years after the original dated document?
Thanks for any input.

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