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2005/10/30 12:47:35
Cactus Flower
[HN] Ortsfamilien-Datenbank Berßen - Where is B erßen located?
Datum 2005/10/30 15:21:53
Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] Richter
2005/10/30 08:59:26
Rikus kaijer
[HN] Richter
Betreff 2005/10/30 15:21:53
Werner Honkomp
Re: [HN] Richter
2005/10/30 17:46:41
[HN] Gebe günstig Trauregister und andere ab
Autor 2005/10/09 09:01:25
Klaus Gevert
AW: [HN] Matthies aus Hannover Linden

Re: [HN] Richter

Date: 2005/10/30 14:42:40
From: Kathy Reed <khreed(a)...

I'm open to being corrected on this. However, I read an article that said that in this part of Germany, the child was actually "known" by the last name in the list -- just the opposite of in the U.S. This is true for my family. I can also tell you that first and in some cases second generation immigrants in this country followed the same nameing convention. If I look at baptismal records for my family here in Cincinnati and northern KY, they usually were given three names but were "known" by the last name in the list. I have a grandmother, for instance, who was baptized using the German naming convention but her birth certificate reads just the opposite. I know of several other cases like that.

I'm sure others are more knowledgeable. I, too, have done a fair amount off research in the Neuenkirchen area and seen the name Richter in the records.

Kathy Reed
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Subject: [HN] Richter

Hello All,

In my research on Richter in Rieste, Neuenkirchen and surrounds I come accrosss many Richters with identical names. Sometimes they have 4 birthnames like Johann Gerhard Heinrich Josephus Richter.
Yet sometimes when they get married you might only see Heinrich Richter.
This makes it very hard to connect the right names to the right family.
Can somebody explain to me how the birthnames are worked out.
Is the child named after the father first (when a boy) or do the godparents have a role to play? Often I see that the name of the child is the name of one of the godparents (paten) Who are usually chosen as godparents (paten). Is this always a brother or sister?
And / or friends? Are there specific rules that were followed?
This seems to be the only way to connect families.
I hope you can help me.
Also I like to get in touch with anybody that researches the above named villages.

Greetings Rikus Kaijer.

Sorry to have to ask in English. My German is not as good as my English.

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