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2005/10/24 18:22:13
Re: [HN] Kingdom of Hanover
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w.a. ridderbos
2005/10/24 18:22:13
Re: [HN] Kingdom of Hanover
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Re: [HN] Kingdom of Hanover-Winnifred
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[HN] Kingdom of Hanover
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Re: [HN] Kingdom of Hanover-Winnifred

Re: [HN] Kingdom of Hanover

Date: 2005/10/24 19:28:58
From: Closson's <clossons(a)...

Sorry for the confusion. The marriage date should read 1778, not 1878. This is between Johan Christiaan Herzog and Maria Charlotta Kalemeyer. His son spelled his last name Her(t)zog. Second- I got the spelling Haijen from the origin Dutch script. I can see how the spellings can be confusing. Thank you for your help. I'll be sure to cover all my bases on the spelling. I was able to find the history of Hannover on the internet. Very interesting to read how many times Hannover changed hands around the time my ancestor lived. Thanks again.
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Hi Norma:

A couple of questions first.  First: You used the word
"he" a couple of times.  The first obviously refers to
Johan Christiaan HERZOG and a death date of 1801, but the
second "he" refers to a marriage in 1878.  I doubt that
the 1878 date could be his son as he would have been at
least 77 years old when he married.

Second:  Did you get the spelling of Haijen from the
original old script, a rewritten (typed) source, or a
verbal source passed down?  The english phonetics may
change sounds and spelling greatly.  For an instance:

Haijen  may equal Hay-gen (U.S.)
Hagen   may also equal Hay-gen (U.S.)
        or more likely Ha-gen
Hajen   would probably be pronounced Ha-gen.
Hayen   In the States I would say Hay-in.
Heyen   also Hay-in.

Third:  Was the writting German, Dutch, or English?
A lot of the letters used back then may not appear to be
the same as we use today.

In addition to the town Hayen, Wilfried mentioned, there
is a town, Heyen south and somewhat west of Hanover. Could
be the same for all I know.

The LDS/Family History Center has some records for Hayen.