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2005/10/11 01:30:27
William Taber
[HN] Re: translations
Datum 2005/10/11 02:01:55
Alton L. Buehring
Re: [HN] translations... another one !!!
2005/10/11 01:03:42
maryjane O'C-L
Re: [HN] translations... another one !!!
Betreff 2005/10/11 02:01:55
Alton L. Buehring
Re: [HN] translations... another one !!!
2005/10/10 23:26:32
Re: [HN] translations
Autor 2005/10/18 14:44:01
[HN] Fwd: Du bist Deutschland!

Re: [HN] translations... another one !!!

Date: 2005/10/11 01:46:52
From: Jim <jimcats(a)...

One of the problems with using a Translator program is that the person
writing the letter may be to long winded for the program to translate it
coherently and then the sentences may be disjointed. Sentences should be
brief and to the point. Do not use colloquial sayings.
An example would be, if you wanted to know if there was a barber shop in
town ask " was there a barber shop in the village" not "where did the men go
to get their ears lowered".
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Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 4:01 PM
Subject: Re: [HN] translations... another one !!!

>    You can also use Wolrd lingo translator but  as Mona says it will
>    translate in a kind of way that you will  just be able to understand
>    in another language. Not always a true translation but near enough to
>    know what someone is trying to tell you. Below is the tranlation of
>    this wording including this very sentence. :) Good luck.
>    From MaryJane.
>    German translation of above from World Lingo (I hope it is correct )
>    >>>>
>    Sie können Wolrd Jargonübersetzer auch benutzen, aber, während Mona
>    sagt, übersetzt es in einer Art Weise, die Sie gerade sind, in einer
>    anderen Sprache zu verstehen. Nicht immer eine zutreffende Übersetzung
>    aber nahe genug, zum zu
>    wissen, was jemand versucht, Ihnen zu erklären. Unter ist das
>    tranlation dieses Wording einschließlich diesen Satz. :) gutes Glück.
>    Von MaryJane.
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