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2005/10/11 01:03:42
maryjane O'C-L
Re: [HN] translations... another one !!!
Datum 2005/10/11 01:46:52
Re: [HN] translations... another one !!!
2005/10/11 00:47:23
Alton L. Buehring
Re: [HN] translations
Betreff 2005/10/11 06:23:41
Maurice Woolsoncroft
RE: [HN] translations
2005/10/30 22:34:08
Wilfried . Petersen
Re: [HN] Bassum

[HN] Re: translations

Date: 2005/10/11 01:30:27
From: William Taber <willgen(a)...

Another free translation site which I happen to like better than Babelfish
Which also offers professional human translations for a fee.

I like this site better than Babelfish since it uses a cookie to remember what language-to-language translation I chose last time (which is almost always German to English) allowing me to use the site a bit more quickly than Babelfish.

Babelfish does have the edge though, when it comes to translating a whole web page.

William Taber
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:07:31 -0500
From: "Alton L. Buehring" <buehrin(a)...
Subject: [HN] translations
To: <hannover-l(a)...

Can I buy a program which will enable me to write in English and translate to German so that I may post to this list and enable me to enter German words from postings for translation to English?

Thank you.

Alton Buehring
Odem, Texas