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2004/05/29 04:48:20
Lady Bonita (USA)
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Datum 2004/05/29 09:50:49
Heinrich Munk
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2004/05/21 10:25:26
S + P Pauling
[HN] Familiennamen-Deutung
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[HN] Family search
2004/05/08 17:30:32
Ursula Schlotz-Winkel
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Autor 2004/05/23 20:35:54
Re: [HN] Ortssippenbuch Lippoldsberg

[HN] Family search

Date: 2004/05/29 05:08:37
From: Virginia Hall <ginny(a)...

I am looking for information on my Great-grandfather BornJune22,1855 in Hannover Kingdom. He came to the US in 1864 as a 9 yr. old boy.His name in English was William Henry Feld. I have no knowledge of his parents name, or if he had sieblings. We had the impression they were deceased.There must be Birth and death records somewhere,and someone must have sponsored him here in the US.