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2004/05/29 03:48:22
Re: [HN] Re: HELP!!
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Virginia Hall
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2004/05/29 03:48:22
Re: [HN] Re: HELP!!
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R&B Stewart
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2004/05/29 01:21:16
Lady Bonita (USA)
[HN] Re: HELP!!
Autor 2004/05/29 10:48:51
Lady Bonita (USA)
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Re: [HN] Re: HELP!!

Date: 2004/05/29 04:48:20
From: Lady Bonita (USA) <ladybonita(a)...


thank you very much for explaining the information in the two series of


Lady Bonita
Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, USA
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> Lady Bonita
> The Familien Archiv would be a book/pamphlet/writing regarding a family
> history, could be one item or a number of items, all relating to that
> usually from today back in time.
> The Deutsches Geschlechterbuch is the titel of a series of books of
> genealogies, which means back in time toward today. These genealogies were
> usually by professionals and printed by the Starke Verlag starting with
> late 1800's to today. Well over 200 of these volumes have been printed and
> hold a wealth of information for specific families. Some volumes deal
> with genealogies from Germany/Switzerland/Austria in general, others deal
with a
> specific region,eg Ost Friesland, Hessen, Posen, Siegerland, etc, with
> crests, photos, descendant charts, and of course the personal data
> (b,m,d,occupations, residences). When you have a line that you can tie
into, you have
> hit pay dirt, usually big time.
> Guenter in Michigan
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