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2004/05/21 18:57:14
Sven Honerkamp
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Karlheinz Steimel
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2004/05/29 04:48:20
Lady Bonita (USA)
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Sven Honerkamp
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2004/05/21 06:43:27
R&B Stewart
[HN] Emigration records
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R&B Stewart
Re: [HN] Does Anyone Have this Book?

[HN] Hilter records - Carole

Date: 2004/05/21 22:03:10
From: R&B Stewart <raybarbara(a)...

I checked the LDS records on  Hilter.  It may be spotty,  but it does have a
fair amount of information depending on dates.  This is  what the church
records include: 

Geburten, Heiraten, Tote 1808-1810     FHL INTL Film

Geburten, Heiraten, Tote 1811-1812
Taufen, Heiraten, Tote, Konf. 1822-1852     FHL INTL Film

Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1853-1874     FHL INTL Film

I think this is what the words mean in English:

Geburten=births    Taufen = Christening   Heiraten=marriages


on 5/21/04 10:52 AM, Fred Rump at FredRump(a)... wrote:

> On 20 May 2004 at 21:30, Carole Gerosolimo wrote:
>> No, I have not yet looked at the LDS church records for Hilter.   I
>> didn't know to start with Hilter or WHERE to start. You can be sure I
>> am going to trot over to the nearest Family History Center with all
>> these emails in hand and get some instruction just as soon as I can.
>> Again, thank you so much. My very best regards. Carole
> Carole,
> without checking again I dodn't think you'll find much more then some
> duplicate records of a brief period about Hilter at the LDS. Their
> churchbooks are stored at the Lutheran archives in Osnabrück.
> If you have a serious interest in this area I would recommend joing the
> local genealogical society which has members who have been
> working on the Hilter church books in their effort to transcribe all local
> books.
> The web site is:
> The intent is to make these pages available in English but that hasn't
> happened yet. Franz Riehemann FranzRiehemann(a)...
> is in charge of contacts between genealogists. I guess Rita Kröger
> would be the person to write to about becoming a member. So far only
> two people from the US are members but they have an active
> emigrations subgroup which deals with people who left the area.
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