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2004/05/19 12:17:57
Christian W. Heermann
Re: [HN] Engelbrecht - Petreus - Schrader
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[HN] surname help many thanks
2004/05/19 03:42:30
R&B Stewart
[HN] Emigration archives
Betreff 2004/05/21 06:43:27
R&B Stewart
[HN] Emigration records
2004/05/19 01:16:14
Re: [HN] Wehrkamp
Autor 2004/05/23 16:42:59
[HN] "Kriese Lingen nach Amerika"

Re: [HN] Emigration archives

Date: 2004/05/19 13:47:12
From: Debbie <bigdeb28(a)...

Hi Barbara,

I am looking for 4 Robben brothers, 3 of which emigrated in the late 40's or
early 50's.  One of them I'm not sure when he came but it may of been the
same time.  All of them only listed their place of birth as Hannover or
Prussia in the US.  I have no specifics at all!  None of the church records
here have been helpful in the precise location either.  I'm actually headed
out for a day trip to do genealogy research, but will study your
instructions when I get back.  Thank you for taking the time to help me.  I
appreciate it greatly!!

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Subject: [HN] Emigration archives

Hi Debbie,
     Who are you looking for?  Searching the Osnabrück, Hannover,
Wolfenbüttel emigration records is done by going to the website:

It is a little confusing to use, especially if you don't  know German.  On
the first page:
   Choose one of the three locations on the bar & click Abschicken
   Go to Index  in the middle  of the  page and click
   Fill in the surname you are looking for in the box "Suchbegriff"
   Choose Personen where it says nach Ort
   Click on Suchen starten and you will get a list of persons who emigrated
from Germany with that name.  Or you may get nothing! Try all the same
search on all 3 locations.
   Note the number on the right column. That number will direct you to the
town later.  Click on a name that matches a person you are looking for and
you will get a code that will be what you use to order the record.
   Finding what area the person comes from is not easy. On the Hannover
site, it names a town right in the code.  For Osnabrück it is harder. Go
back to the page where you first clicked on Index and this time click on
    There you will see a list of towns and if you click on the numbers on
the left, you will get a list of all the people from that area.  The numbers
start with 1 and go up from there.  So if the number is 5 digits it will be
closer to the bottom of the list. But you have to go to the  one that has
the number in it from the right column of the page with the list of names.
When  you find the right one, the code will match the code you saw earlier
tied to the name you were looking  for. I know this is confusing.  I have
explained  the process many times on this site and it never  is very clear!
    Then, you can order the records from one of the 3 locations.  The email
addresses are:
  Hannover -   poststelle(a)...
  Osnabrück -  poststelle(a)...
  Wolfenbüttel  - poststelle(a)...

    You have to realize that these emigration records cover only certain
years--and not everybody is listed there.  None of my relatives are.  You're
lucky if you find them!!
    If you still have trouble, let me  know personally and I will try to
help.  Several people on the list have explained that the ordering process
is fairly easy.  They will  send you the records by regular mail and then
you send the money ( I think  even a check will  do.)  I haven't done that


on 5/18/04 5:16 PM, Debbie at bigdeb28(a)... wrote:

> Hi Carole & Barbara,
> I hate to butt in on this info, but how did you get the names from the
> Osnabruck archives???  I've been beating my head against the wall for some
> time trying to locate ancestors :(
> Thanks!!
> Debbie

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