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2004/05/18 18:19:39
Klaus Riecken
[HN] Re: Bex Maaseik - Zusammenfassung aller Infos, die durch die Liste gingen
Datum 2004/05/18 18:34:50
Christina und Horst Rauschenberg
[HN] Eckhoff in Wense
2004/05/18 13:57:40
Cheryl Endicott
Re: [HN] VON BRUNS Research
Betreff 2004/05/18 18:48:16
Cheryl Endicott
Re: [HN] VON BRUNS Research
2004/05/12 07:26:01
g . bassen
[HN] Search Claus Meyer (*1790) between Hamburg and Bremen
Autor 2004/05/24 17:25:53
Re: [HN] Does Anyone Have this Book?

Re: [HN] VON BRUNS Research

Date: 2004/05/18 18:25:43
From: gale <gale(a)...

Hi Barbara and Cheryl:

I saw your listing and thought I would be a "Dick Tracy", but wound up being
"Duck Lacie of the twenty first and one half century".

But I am going to share my thought any how(how rude).  I found 4246 Natural
Bridge Road on the map and looked for the closest cemetery.  After all in 1906
people still did not travel very far.  

First I saw Bellefontaine Cemetery (Big), Calvary (Big) Bethany, St Peters,
Memorial Park and Valhalla.  By this time I figured that I had it nailed down to
at least 75% of the burials for the last century.

Is it possible to nail down what was at the 4246 address in 1906, such as a
church or funeral home?  Do these cemeteries have readily accessible lists of
the burials.  They would have to be big.  Another idea, based on my own
experience is the possibility of "potters field".   Most of the time, this would
be a county cemetery, but many churches and other cemeteries had their on burial
areas for the indigent.  Many of the cemeteries kept seperate (if any)and crude
records for these burials.

My grandmother was buried in a cemetery outside Fairfax.  The only records are
those kept by the local funeral home (that funeral home did not bury my GM) and
the head stone, which was made from a bucket of cement and had her name and
dates scratched on it.  Her death was never recorded with the state of MO. 
Shortly after, the family did a "Grapes of Wrath" thing and moved to CA, where
my GF is buried.

Quack Quack

Duck Lacie, now known as Duck Rogers

Gale Bösche

> Barbara,
> )
> Thanks for the heads up, but I've already gotten a copy of the obituary.
> There's not much information either.  It says who his wife was and that the
> funeral took place at 4246 Natural Bridge Road on Tuesday, March 13 at 2 pm.
> It also gave his actual death of March 11, 1906 at 6 am.  That's it.  No
> place of burial or where they came from.  I determined that from census
> data.
> Getting copies of obits from the St Louis Post is easy...if they have
> transcribed the list of names for that year.   So many of the years are
> missing that I need, since that's where half my family settled.
> Thanks for the idea, though.
> Cheryl
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> > Hello Cheryl,
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> >    Have you seen the death notice for Charles Bruns in the St Louis
> Library
> > Index?  Maybe it would lead to an obit which would tell you the place of
> > birth--if you should be so lucky:
> >
> >
> > Barbara
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