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2004/05/14 12:09:52
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"Wolfgang Schlüter"
Re: [HN] Landeskirchliches Archiv Hannover- Kirchenbuchamt
2004/05/26 20:29:53
Sascha Filpe
[HN] Landeskirchliches Archiv Hannover Online
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"Wolfgang Schlüter"
Re: [HN] Landeskirchliches Archiv Hannover- Kirchenbuchamt
2004/05/28 07:58:40
S + P Pauling
[HN] Fw: Deutung von Familien- und Vornamen
Autor 2004/05/04 14:32:15
Sascha Filpe
[HN] Entzifferung eines Kirchenbuch-Eintrags von 1811

[HN] Landeskirchliches Archiv Hannover- Kirchenbuchamt

Date: 2004/05/14 14:02:25
From: Sarah & Frank Haude <haude(a)...

Liebe Listenmitglieder,

I am a bit new to this list so I hope this hasn't been asked before.

I am researching two families- NIEMEYER and MUELLER- who left Germany in
1881 to work on the sugar plantations in Hawaii.  Later both families
settled in Tacoma, Washington.  I finally got a copy of the ship's departure
list from Bremen and it indicates these two familes came from the village of

I have a bit of an advantage over other American genealogists looking for
their German ancestors in that I currently live in Germany.  I'd like to
take advantage of my time here (will likely be moving back to the States
next year) and drive up to Hannover to look at the Kirchenbücher.  For those
that have done this before I am hoping you can answer a few questions.

1. I am aware that I'll have to make an appointment to see the records.
Typically how long will this take?

2. What fees are involved?  Is one able to obtain copies and how much are

3. How much time should I alot myself?  I know that can be dependent on many
things but just a general idea.  Two days?  Is one able to get an
appointment for two days even?

Obviously I am a bit of an amateur still so any tips, ideas or advice will
be greatly appreciated.

Vielen Dank im Voraus,

Sarah Haude    haude(a)...