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2004/05/12 12:29:52
Sascha Filpe
Re: [HN] Suche Claus Meyer (*1790) zwischen HH und HB
Datum 2004/05/13 03:06:33
[HN] E-mail address needed
2004/05/26 13:59:02
Heinrich Munk
Re: [HN] Re: Neues Mitglied
Betreff 2004/05/24 16:17:56
Christina und Horst Rauschenberg
[HN] Nübel und Ringe
2004/05/06 18:18:42
Re: [HN] Dutch Jurrien = German ??
Autor 2004/05/02 12:26:31
Re: Re: [HN] Ergänzung BOCK aus Gitter, BRÜMMER aus Hunzen

[HN] New e-mail address (again...)

Date: 2004/05/12 13:30:15
From: Erika Trueman <erika.trueman(a)...

Dear all,

I hate to tell you, but I have just found out that I was given the WRONG
e-mail address 3 weeks ago. Eversince then I got some e-mails but not all of
those I had expected and I found out that many were bounced back and
returned to sender. After some complaints I was now told that my actual
e-mail address is:


Can you please change it on your address book?