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2003/09/17 23:42:00
Nick & Jane Nielsen
[HN] Heinrich (Henry)Tienken b. Nov. 13, 1845, Wollingst, Beverstedt, Hannover, Germany
Datum 2003/09/18 06:41:01
Johann W. Schroeder
Re: [HN] Volkszählung in Schleswig-Holstein von 1769
2003/09/25 11:22:24
Barbara Eckrath
[HN] Fehler Kirchenbücher Schermbeck Kreis Wesel
Betreff 2003/09/18 17:43:15
Steve Smith
RE: [HN] Finding location of Ancestral Home from Church record
2003/09/02 17:28:36
Robert Block
[HN] Possible mistranslation of LDS entry
Autor 2003/09/06 14:38:07
Rolf Schulenburg
Re: [HN] Dohrmanns in Buecken/Bucken

[HN] Finding location of Ancestral Home from Church record

Date: 2003/09/18 05:04:54
From: Robert Block <r.block(a)...

Our ancestor's church record

Venne, Osnabrück, birth/baptism 1865,

says he was born at the location

"Niewedde 2e" .

Niewedde is a small local community right near Venne,
where the Ev.Luth. Church for the area was located.

May I assume (like some other places in those days)
that the "2e" was a complete designation of the house
and its location in Niewedde??

And, if so, how might I find said house today??

Robert Block