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2003/09/15 19:36:21
Re: [HN] Amt Hagen Hannover
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Al and Marjorie Rosendahl
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2003/09/11 18:59:11
[HN] Re: Hannover-L digest, Vol 1 #1081 - 4 msgs
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[HN] Hanover Census
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Doug Plowman
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[HN] RE: Hannover-L digest, Vol 1 #1085 - 4 msgs

Date: 2003/09/16 03:40:38
From: Donn Bohde <bohdega(a)...

Its been a while since I've posted a msg so I hope I'm doing it properly.
My relatives come from Hajen, found southeast of Hameln on the Vesser River.
As I've run into road blocks trying to link several distinct lines of my
surname, I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the 1852 census for Hajen.
(they came to the US in 1854, so it would be very timely).  Does anyone know
of any of the history of Hajen or when its census information may be

Thanks for your help!!


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Subject: Hannover-L digest, Vol 1 #1085 - 4 msgs

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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 01:48:36 +0200
Subject: Re: [HN] Amt Hagen Hannover
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Hi Barbara,
Dear readers,

The Amt Hagen can be found on the way between Bremen and
Bremerhaven. In 1852 this Amt had 9085 inhabitants in 35 villages
and towns.

The census records should be at the Stade Archive Stade, but after
you already know the year of birth it might be as well promising to
check the relevant parish registers (Hagen, Bramstedt, Büttel,
Sandstedt, Uthlede, Wersabe, Wulsbüttel - or with lower priority
after only smaller parts of those parishes belonged to the Amt
Hagen Bruch, Hambergen, Scharmbeck and Stotel)

There were (at least) 11 different towns and villages called Hagen in
the Kingdom of Hanover, ...
But only one Amt Hagen.

Best greetings from Bremen, Germany


Jens Mueller-Koppe
Schanzendorfer Str. 9B
D - 28307 Bremen

1852 Hanover Census Project


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From: hrs(a)...
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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 01:48:36 +0200
Subject: Re: [HN] Questions about the 1833, 1836, 1842, 1845, and 1848
Hannover Censuses ...
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Dear Readers,

> Questions relating to the 1833, 1836, 1842, 1845 and 1848 Hannover
> Censuses.

These censuses are more of statistical value indeed after we can
only find the head of the household and the number of persons per
household seperated in males and females and certain age
columns (0-7, 7-14, 14-20. 20-45, 45-60, more than 60 years).

Compared with the 1852, 1855, 1858, 1861 and 1864 censuses
one can hardly speak of a real census, at least not in the way the
word is used amongst genealogists. Comparing the records for the
1833-1848 census lists can be nevertheless of great value in order
to learn more about the delevelopement of a certain village or
household. One should be aware that the persons who lived in the
household can include farm hands, maids, foster children, etc.

It is by far not all the Ämter for which a complete collection of 1833-
1864 census records exist.

Best greetings from Bremen, Germany,


Jens Mueller-Koppe
Schanzendorfer Str. 9B
D - 28307 Bremen

1852 Hanover Census Project


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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 15:30:17 +1200
From: Kevin Voges <kevin.voges(a)...
Subject: Re: [HN] Surnames: Voges, du Carrois
To: hannover-l(a)...
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Thank you for your reply. I have replied in English as unfortunately I =

don't speak German (I had a friend write the paragraph for me). If you =

don't speak English, please reply in German as babelfish
( does a reasonable job of translating. =

I will also try to get my friend to help with the conversation.
The information regarding du Carrois was very useful and I will contact =

Wolfgang du Carrois directly. Thank you for that.
Now that I finally have the area my ancestors come from, I hope
eventually do some research at Hildesheim personally. In the meantime, =

if you can help me, I would specifically like to obtain a copy of the
birth certificate of Johann Bernhard Voges born 28 April 1858 at
Hohenhameln. This should give me more information about his parents.
Thank you for your help.

On Thursday, September 11, 2003, at 02:04 PM, MB wrote:
> Die Familie du Carrois lebt heute noch in Hildesheim. Adresse:
> Wolfgang du
> Carrois, Siedlungsweg 1, D-31135 Hildesheim.
> Aus dem Heiratsregister der katholischen Kirche in Algermissen:
> Am 22. Mai 1846 heiratete  Werner Decarois aus Hohenhameln,
> Sohn von Johannes Decarcois und Elisabeth Hartmann
> Catharina Ludewig aus Algermissen.
> Tochter von Andreas Ludewig und Theresia Witte.
> Der Name Voges ist hier sehr häufig und die meisten Familien sind
> katholisch. . Die Kirchenbücher der katholischen Gemeinden sind im =

> zentralen
> Kirchenbucharchiv in Hildesheim: E-Mail:
> bistumsarchiv(a)...
> Ich bin häufiger im Kirchenbucharchiv und kann für Sie =
> wenn Sie
> es wünschen
> Mit freundlichem Gruß
> Maria Beitzen, Algermissen
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> From: Kevin Voges <kevin.voges(a)...
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> Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 10:56 PM
> Subject: [HN] Surnames: Voges, du Carrois
> Mein Urgroßvater kam vom Hannover 1884 nach Australien. Johann =
> Voges geboren am 28 April 1858 in Hohenhameln. Eltern: Schneider Josef
> Voges und Gertrud du Carrois. Wenn jemand Informationen über diese
> Familie, setzen Sie sich bitte mit mir in Verbindung.
> Kevin.Voges(a)...
> Herzlichen Dank,
> Kevin Voges
> My Great Grand Father came to Australia from Hannover in 1884. Johann
> Bernhard Voges born 28 April 1858 at Hohenhameln. Parents: Schneider
> Josef Voges and Gertrud du Carrois. If anyone has information on this
> family please contact me at
> Kevin.Voges(a)...
> Thank you,
> Kevin Voges
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From: "ghille" <ghille(a)...
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Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 19:17:34 -0600
Subject: [HN] Re: going berserk.
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Whoever is interested:

Berserker = warrior in a bearskin of old nordic saga, a wild-acting man of
extreme violence and fury. Bär und serkr = hemd ( bear and shirt). Going
berserk = acting like a berserker.

Greetings from Canada

Gunter Hille


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