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2003/09/13 19:44:37
Fred Rump
Re: [HN] Re: Amt
Datum 2003/09/14 00:48:59
[HN] Bergmann, Witthoeft
2003/09/13 19:44:37
Fred Rump
Re: [HN] Re: Amt
Betreff 2003/09/14 01:15:38
Bob Marhenke
Re: [HN] Re: Amt
2003/09/15 01:41:50
Re: [HN] Questions about the 1833, 1836, 1842, 1845, and 1848 Hannover Censuses ...
Autor 2003/09/19 20:31:26
James Hayes
[HN] Obermüller

Re: [HN] Re: Amt

Date: 2003/09/13 20:40:00
From: J B <johnbrene(a)...

Hey Fred, you are talking about the Germans and not us, right? Just wanted to make sure. ;=)


Think of an Amt as a county or district...

All of this developed over time as people needed to be taxed
and managed by those above them. :-)

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