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Fred Buck
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Rolf Schulenburg
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Re: [HN] Dohrmanns in Buecken/Bucken

Date: 2003/09/06 14:38:07
From: Rolf Schulenburg <rolf.schulenburg(a)...

Hallo Mark !
You will find something about the Church in Bücken under
www.kirche-bü .
Possibly there are more Dohrmann in their books. If you want to visit the
church, it will be advantageous so sent a Mail about your coming.
Good luck from Hamburg

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> Greetings!  I am a very new subscriber to the list.
> In a few days' time (Sept 18-20) I will be travelling to Hamburg (from
> Melbourne Australia).   I plan to visit Bucken (Buecken?) and its
> neighbour Altenbucken, the reported home town of my ancestor Johan
> Heinrich Friedrich Dohrmann (or Dormann), born June 26 1827 at
> Altenbucken (Altenbuecken/Altenbuchen?).
> His birthplace lies between Bremen and Hanover, on the river Weser.
> His birth certificate shows his name spelt as "Dormann";  it appears
> that the "h" was introduced in Australia as a result of difficulty or
> confusion with the spelling.
> He arrived in Australia in 1853 on the Maryann out of Bristol on April
> 23 1853.  His father was a farmer, but we do not know why his son
> emigrated. Heinrich was a Lutheran; he was naturalised a British
> subject on February 22 1879, at the age of 51.
> We have an old German certificate dated July 7 1849, addressed to "J.
> H. Dormann", from the District Commissar at Hoya, exempting him from
> military service.
> 1. Is it difficult to get to Bucken/Buecken from Hamburg?,  I'm told
> there are buses, but my time is short.
> 2. Can anyone point me me at sources of information about "Dohrmann"
> in Hanover/Bucken?  I've tried hard for months, but have not been able
> to find anything.
> Many thanks.
> Mark Dohrmann
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