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2003/05/05 20:44:46
Hans Peter Albers
Re: [HN] Oldendorf/Hösseringen
Datum 2003/05/05 21:37:50
Barbara Stewart
Re: [HN] Oldendorf/Hösseringen
2003/05/11 18:18:35
Juergen Drees
Re: [HN] Schweizer Mailinglisten
Betreff 2003/05/11 21:59:26
Hans Peter Albers
Re: [HN] Sendschoeffen
2003/05/05 20:44:46
Hans Peter Albers
Re: [HN] Oldendorf/Hösseringen
Autor 2003/05/05 22:55:27
Hans Peter Albers
Re: [HN] Given name "Vinebat"?

Re: [HN] SEIL of Bleckede

Date: 2003/05/05 20:44:46
From: Hans Peter Albers <320097756779-0001(a)...

gutt morgan schrieb:

> note to Hans Peter Albers:
> I think I have seen that Seil family business near the Elbe River. I have 
> been wondering, If I should write.  A garden shop  called BLOOM  or 
> something similiar. It was on the internet. The question to myself was if it 
> was the right area.  Or would I just be whasting their time.  What  hadn't 
> sunk into my brain was the fact that Nahrendorf is considered part of 
> Bleckede area.

Dear Jo Meyer,
sorry for naming you again gutt morgan, was just because of the E-mail-address.
I wouldn't be to shy just asking them in a friendly letter. Most people are inte- 
rested in possible family connections. So just give them the possible connections 
with birthdates or marriages and let them decide to answer or not. The region is 
right, the needed possibility of moving in the region in the time (19th century) 
was given. As SEIL is not to often, it might be. If you write your letter and 
it is not more than about one side and you send it over to me, I can add the 
translation and post it further. 

Greetings                                                      Hans Peter Albers