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2002/06/20 13:37:51
Fred Rump
Re: [HN] re: the use of the word "uncle"
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Alexandra Blume
[HN] Über 2300 Taufen online...
2002/06/10 20:42:35
Juergen E.W. Meyer
Re: [HN] Auswanderer nach Missouri
Betreff 2002/06/06 20:10:05
Harold Chambers
[HN] Brunswick, Germany
2002/06/04 08:42:32
[HN] Auswanderer nach Missouri
Autor 2002/06/08 05:20:28
[HN] NABER from Rulle

[HN] Bergmann

Date: 2002/06/20 23:29:13
From: Petter Langeland <jplange(a)...


My GGGrandfather  Dietrich Ludwig August Friedrich Bergmann was born in Hannover in 1834. He came to Fredrikstad in Norway, probably between 1851 and 1855. His brother(?) Friedrich born 1824 and his 2 sons, Heinrich b.1855 and Wilhelm b 1860, visited Dietrich in Moss, Norway in 1875. They where all carpenters. Dietrich married a norvegian girl, Anette Marie Larsdatter Hafslund 27.dec.1842. They got 7 children. Does someone have any informations about Dietrich's parents / ancestors?

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