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2002/06/08 10:57:34
Jack Haverland
RE: [HN] Re: Volker Family
Datum 2002/06/08 15:54:06
Re: [HN] Re: Volker Family
2002/06/05 14:16:35
Re: [HN] Quade, Quatman. Roebke-Stadt, Beymoor, Thole, Roleffs, Taphorn, Stuve, Tiemann, Ovelgonne
Betreff 2002/06/21 13:05:44
[HN] SELMIER in German finds many SEELMEYER's
2002/06/06 20:10:05
Harold Chambers
[HN] Brunswick, Germany
Autor 2002/06/30 23:04:42
Heinz Bredthauer
Re: [HN] Kopfsteuerbeschreibung

[HN] Search in Die neidersachsischen Staatsarchive

Date: 2002/06/08 15:37:49
From: Harold Chambers <haroldsr(a)...

Please advise.  I did a search in an emigrant index available at Die niedersachisschen Staatsarchive and found 3 references for a Henrich Messerschmidt. The references were as follows:

Bestell-Nr.: Staatsarchive Wolfenbuttel, 34 Z Jg. 1867 Nr. 62
Bestell-Nr.: Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover, 34 Z Jg. 1867 Nr. 62
Bestell-Nr.: Staatsarchiv Osnabruch, 34 Z Jg. 1867 Nr. 62

The Heinrich Messerschmidt I am searching for left Hannover in 1867 from Bremen and arrived at New York, 30 Dec 1867.  He was accompanied by his wife Louise. Heinrich was a farmer and gives his birthplace as Hannover in U.S. censuses. 

What is the best way to find out what are in these files cited above? What would these files tell me?
Does a written request need to be in German?  My German is not very good.   What are the costs for obtaining a copies?  In the references above, are they all the same Heinrich Messerschmidt or are they the same person.  Thanks for you help.