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Re: [HN] Free Lookup - 1852 Hannover Census (May 21/22)
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Miller, Geraldine
[HN] Free Lookup - 1852 Hannover Census (May 21/22)
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Re: [HN] Free Lookup - 1852 Hannover Census (May 21/22)

Date: 2002/05/22 00:50:33
From: Harold Chambers <haroldsr(a)...

Hi, Jens:
I would appreciate if you could look for Heinrich Messerschmidt who was born 13 Jun 1837.  He would have been about 15 years old in the 1852 census.  I have had problems identifying where in Hannover he came from.  Thanks so much for your help.
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  All 1.8 Million Inhabitants of the Kingdom of Hanover including their age, religion, family, status and profession

  While the lists of this first detailed Hanover Census are preserved for a great majority of the Hannoveran regions they are still not accessable for historical and genealogical research. The reason for this is that these lists are spread over four bigger and a number of smaller archives throughout Lower Saxony. And in these archives you have to check hundreds of different holdings for each of the Ämter (districts). Last but not least the census records are not only handwritten but do also have no kind of name indexes.  Your ancestor came from "Hannover"? But from which one of the more than 1,000 parishes in the former Kingdom of Hanover came s/he? You want to learn more about the appearance of your family name in the whole area? Or about all inhabitants of the village where your ancestors lived?  We have started to build up a data bank of the Hanover Census. We would like to present the first parts at "Deutscher Genealogentag" which will take place from 20 to 23 September 2002 in Bremen. Afterwards we will put the steadily growning data bank to everyone's disposal. As a big effort is necessary to realise the whole data input, the inquiries will not be for free.

  However, we will put the current data bank to free disposal for e- mail inquiries on Tuesday, 21 May and Wednesday, 22 May. Everybody who sends us an inquiry for a certain person or family name will receive an answer within a few days. On the one hand it will show us what kind of demands has the data bank to cover and on the other hand you may profit from the transcription and data input work we have done so far.

  We have currently recorded approximately 1 % of the people living in the Kingdom of Hannover in 1852 - about 18,000 inhabitants who lived in the Ämter of Hoya, Martfeld and the western part of Achim. For all three district the "Urlisten" are completely preserved. Recorded have been so far:

  Amt Hoya (complete): Anderten, Bücken, Doenhausen, Estrup, Gandesbergen, Hämelhausen, Hassel, Haßbergen, Hohenholz, Hoya, Mahlen

  Amt Martfeld (8 villages of the Martfeld, Eitzendorf and Wechold not included yet): Altenbücken, Asendorf, Brebber, Calle, Dedendorf, Duddenhausen, Essen, Graue, Haendorf, Heizendorf, Heesen, Hilgermissen, Holtrup, Kampsheide, Magelsen, Mehringen, Nordholz, Ruhlenkamp, Stendern, Schweringen, Ubbendorf, Warpe, Wechold, Wienbergen, Windhorst

  Amt Achim (the complete western part, so called "Westvogtei"): Achim, Arbergen, Bierden, Bollen, Embsen, Hemelingen, Mahndorf, Meyer- und Clüverdamm, Oyterdamm, Uesen, Uphusen

  An inquiry is expecially convenient if you think that your ancestors came from the region named above. We would be glad to receive inquiries as well as ideas.


  Kind Regards,


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