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WM. RIGGERT Birthplace
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Stephen Kent Ehat
RE: Osnabrück KIEL 1849 & before
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Stephen Kent Ehat
RE: GRAUSCHOFF surname Germany?


Date: 2000/05/11 01:59:18
From: Stephen Kent Ehat <ske(a)...

Dear David (and others possibly interested in using this resource):

You mention the name of the town of origin as "Epstop."  Because I could not
find reference to "Epstop" either on the internet generally, or in the
Family History Library Catalog at the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy
Service, located at

or on any of the internet map systems, such as MapBlast located at

and MapQuest located at

I went to the "List of German Municipialities," which is found at

and found two entries for municipalities that are located in Hannover and
that appear to have names similar to "Epstop."  They are "Eystrup" and
"Estorf."  You might want to evaluate the origin of your knowledge that the
town of origin is "Epstop" and consider the possibility that the correct
pronunciation (and hence spelling) of it was perhaps misunderstood by a
person hearing it and writing it down or perhaps that it was misread by
someone reading it.

If you search for either of those two towns in the Family History Catalog,
found at

you will not find them (perhaps because they are too small or that records
from those towns have not been microfilmed (or both).  Nevertheless, you can
find them on maps.  For example, you can look at

(which resulted from a search of "Eystrup" in MapQuest) and then after
printing out the map, check the nearby towns, one by one, in the Family
History Catalog, just to see if records in the area have been microfilmed.
If so, because you have an exact name and date, you could order the films
and see if your people are on them.  It's a long shot, considering the name
of the town is only a surmise, but it's at least based on a working
hypothesis and worthy of some investigation.


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I am looking for information on Katherine (Katharina) Viergge FRUECHTE, born
9/11/1858 in Epstop, Hannover, Germany.  She came to America with her 3
children (ages 15, 11, and 8) in about 1869 after the death of her husband,
Peter Heinrich FRUECHTE, and settled in Eitzen, MN.

She married Johann WUENNECKE, born in Germany, in Eitzen, and her daughter,
Katherine, married Johann's son, William WUENNECKE, in Oct. 1875.

Their daughter, Anna, was my paternal grandmother.  Sometime between 1876
1900, the family moved to western Michigan on the basis of false information
regarding farming in that area.

Any information on the FRUECHTE or WUENNECKE families will be greatly


David Ryder