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Re: WM. RIGGERT Birthplace

WM. RIGGERT Birthplace

Date: 2000/05/10 23:41:15
From: DE7255 <DE7255(a)...

I am searching for the birthplace of my grandfather, William Christian 
RIGGERT.  According to census records he was born in the Kingdom of Hanover. 

William's mother, Dorothea E. (?), was born August 8, 1818 in Prussia, again 
according to census records. The name of her husband was possibly Christian 
Heinrich RIGGERT.  He died before the others came to the U. S. in 1869.  The 
only clues that I have are that they might have come from Boeddenstedt or the 
village of Bohlsen in the Uelzen area.  I believe their marriage took place 
in Gerdau.  

They had four children; Heinrick August Ferdinand born August 8, 1839, 
William Christian born March 23, 1844 and two girls, whose names and 
birthdates I have yet to find.

Although I have their naturalization papers with the month and year they came 
into New York, I am unable to find them on the ship passenger lists.

I would appreciate any information as to how to search for my ancestors in 
this area.

DeEtta (Riggert) Powell