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1999/09/08 16:01:43
Larry Ledebur
Re: Where is STRATEN?
Datum 1999/09/08 18:07:09
Errol/Mary Sandler
Re: Where is STRATEN?
1999/09/07 22:22:16
RE: Geographical question
Betreff 1999/09/08 18:24:59
Re: Geographical question
1999/09/07 09:25:14
Maria und Jared Jobs
Re: Geographical question
Autor 1999/09/06 21:03:56
Maurianne Webster
Geographical question

Re: Geographical question

Date: 1999/09/08 16:28:12
From: Mauri Webster <mauriane(a)...

Everyone is so sure that this location is in Germany.  The Bio says
Humboldt Germany.  I have looked at all of the maps and consulted the
Family History Librarians in Salt Lake.  I thought may be someone from a
German email list would recognize an former town or something but there
must be a mistake in all of the information my grandfather left.

Does anyone know where I can find older maps on line?

Errol/Mary Sandler wrote:
> This is a good source for checking on place names
> and from there go to Place Finder, type in the
> word, and a variety of choices are shown.  It's only good, I think, for
> current places, though, but still might help.
> Mary Koelzer