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1999/09/07 20:19:38
Klaus Vahlbruch
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Werner Honkomp
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1999/09/07 22:22:15
RE: Address Assistance
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Werner Honkomp
Re: Badbergen/Vehslage help
1999/09/27 22:08:56
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Autor 1999/09/08 20:43:19
Cristie Reed
Re: Badbergen/Vehslage help

Badbergen/Vehslage help

Date: 1999/09/07 20:57:05
From: Cristie Reed <creed(a)...

Anna Katherine VEHSLAGE (b. 1/1/1815 in Badbergen) m. Hermann H. ROTHERT.
I believe that Anna and Hermann were married in Hannover, and emigrated
between 1835 and 1843.  He died in Louisville, KY  between 1845 and 1849.
She remarried Johann Frederich MEIER in Louisville in 1849, and moved to
Jackson Co., IN.

I've searched Family History Center films for Bippen and Uffeln in
Bersenbruck, and Badbergen, but have had no luck.  I'm looking for birth,
confirmation, (and hopefully) marriage records for the period 1810 to 1840.
 The Badbergen records had many Vehslages, but not mine.  Anna Katherine
VEHSLAGE's marriage certificate states that she was born in Badbergen,
Konigreich Hannover -- am I looking in the wrong place?

Is there another district that would have Evangelische records for Badbergen?

Can anyone offer any help or ideas?

Thank you --