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1999/09/04 22:21:54
Eileen Johnson
Bockhorn, Oldenburg - Janssen/Bredehorn/Witt/Brunken
Datum 1999/09/05 03:20:55
Family that went to Holland
1999/09/04 16:10:11
Maria und Jared Jobs
Re: Venghaus + Gifhorn, Wolfsburg and Brausnchweig
Betreff 1999/09/08 05:13:04
Sunset Hayes
Where is STRATEN?
1999/09/11 01:26:49
Osterholz again
Autor 1999/09/05 20:42:25
Werner Honkomp
Re: Venghaus

Wendt Family

Date: 1999/09/05 01:50:06
From: WBL435 <WBL435(a)...

I'm looking for information on August Wendt who came to America in the middle 
1850's with his mother and later a couple of brothers followed them.  The 
father, Henry Wendt, stayed in Germany as did the oldest son, Henry Wendt.  
The oldest son came to America after his father died, in the 1870's I think.  
The family came from Hannover or possibly Braunschweig.

I'm also looking for information on the family of August Wendt's wife.  Her 
maiden name was Louise Tappa or Toppa (not sure of the spelling of the name). 
 She came from Braunschweig, probably in the period of 1855 to 1865.

Am interested in contact with any relatives to these family members and any 
additional information on them.  My email address is wbl435(a)...
Thanks in advance,