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Surname: NUESSE

Date: 1998/09/14 15:12:59
From: David A. Nuesse <nuesse(a)...

I am seeking information on:

Henry (Heinrich?) Christian Nuesse (NU*umlaut*SSE)
born September 13, 1796 in the Kingdom of Hanover (town of Lauenau)

He married Margaret Elizabeth ?, b. 19 October 1802.

It is known that they had 4 children:

Conrad Heinrich Gustav Nuesse b. 2 Sept 1829
Gustave Adolph Nuesse b.1833
Louis Nuesse b.1837
Helena Nuesse b. 1841

Conrad was confirmed 8 April 1844 by Pastor Weibezahn and obtained a
"Traveling Pass" on 12 August 1854 (Signed by D.H.Gunther - Royal Office of
the Kingdom of Hanover).  Conrad, generally known as Gustave, came to
America and raised a family in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

His brothers and sister, to the best of my knowledge, stayed in Germany.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to sources I might utilize to continue
tracing this family back to earlier generations?

Thanks for your help and suggestions!!
Dave Nuesse	
Professor, Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54701