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HENKE Family from Haselunne, Niedersachsen in the mid-1800's

Date: 1998/01/29 06:05:09
From: Lee & Barbara Nuehring <Nuehring(a)...

I am looking for information about the HENKE family from Haselunne in the
state of Niedersachsen, formerly in the province of Hannover.  

The earliest information I have is:  Johan Reinard HENKE (son of Casper
HENKE) married Margaretha Elisabeth KOCH or KOCK on 14 May 1839 in
Haselunne.  They were the parents of Reinhard HENKE (born: 6 July 1840) who
immigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 1860's.  They were also the
parents of Maria Anna Caroline HENKE (born: 17 September 1848).  The family
is Catholic.

I am looking for any information that is available, but specifically:
        Birth and death dates/places of Johan Reinard HENKE.
        Birth and death dates/places of Margaretha Elisabeth KOCH or KOCK.
        Were there other children besides the two listed above.
        Birth, marriage and death dates/places of Casper HENKE.

Also, if there is "Family" out there, I would like to hear from you.

If you wish to respond privately to my queries, my e-mail address is

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me in my search for my German

Barbara Nuehring