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1998/01/28 18:54:32
W. Fred Rump
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Earl Armbrust
1998/01/26 23:52:19
Re: Civil Registration; MENGE
Betreff 1998/01/29 09:07:59
Werner Honkomp
Re: Civil Registration; MENGE
1998/01/28 18:54:32
W. Fred Rump
Autor 1998/01/29 06:20:53
W. Fred Rump
Re: Parish Hildesheim

Re: Civil Registration; MENGE

Date: 1998/01/28 20:31:43
From: W. Fred Rump <fred(a)...

Also sprach Roy Palmer on 26 Jan 98 at 17:20 about Civil 
Registration; MENGE:

> Hi all,
> May I ask some basic questions regarding Civil Registration
> archives? Are they arranged according to city, region or all
> Germany? 

They generally don't start until the formation of the 2nd Reich and 
are scattered in archives or still lie in the places where they were 

>Where are they kept for this region - is there any central
> Registration archive for the whole of Germany? 

No. As to where in Hanover? I would check the web pages under Niedersachsen for various archives. 

>How may I access
> them? I will go to Germany if necessary, although I don't speak
> German (shame). 

For records younger then 1890 you need to show direct lineage or some 
valid reason as to why youy want this data. Older records should be 
availbale for a fee by writing to the particular archive where they 
are stored. Not always easy to know.

>I have tried looking these questions up on the WEB
> FAQ pages (and have seen the "standard letters"), but I'm afraid I
> still haven't got a grip on it.

Where's the problem?

> In particular I am looking for Birth and Marriage records for:
> Marie Sophia Wilhelmina Anna MENGE;
> Born c. 1893-96. Married c. 1911-1914. Roman Catholic.
> From the Hanover area; possibly Lauenstein, approx. 15 miles SW of 
> Hanover city; or Herford approx. 30 miles SW of Hanover city, just inside
> Westphalen.

Below are the various public or state archives:

Staatliche Archive:

Niedersächsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Hannover, Am Archiv 1, D-30169

Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv in Wolfenbüttel, Forstweg 2,
D-38302 Wolfenbüttel 

Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv in Bückeburg, Schloß, D-31675 
Bückeburg; Postfach 1350, D-31665 Bückeburg 

Staatsarchiv in Oldenburg, Damm 43, D-26135 Oldenburg 

Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv in Osnabrück, Schloßstr. 29, D-49074 

Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv in Stade, Am Sande 4 C, D-21682 Stade 

Niedersächsisches Staatsarchiv in Aurich, Oldersumer Str. 50, 
D-26603 Aurich 


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