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1998/01/14 04:36:56
Paul Bronson
Re: ?minster surname
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W. Fred Rump
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1998/01/14 04:07:19
Gene K. Speckert
Re: WITT, Andrew - ELM / ULM, Hanover
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Re: WITT, Andrew - ELM / ULM, Hanover
1998/01/27 16:19:38
Gregg & Beth Walz
surname: DEHNER
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Re: WITT, Andrew - ELM / ULM, Hanover

Date: 1998/01/14 05:21:28
From: Hebert835 <Hebert835(a)...

HI!  Yes, I am very familiar with Elm after tracking my Schlichtings to there.
Elm is about 2km from Bremervoerde which is sort of in between Bremen and
Hamburg. Elm is a pretty small place. The church records for Elm are NOT with
Bremervoerde as you would assume.  They are in with the Oldendorf records in
Kreis Stade.  Oldendorf is just up the road from Bremervoerde and Elm.  The
FHC has filmed the Oldendorf records through 1852 so you are in luck.  I have
those films on indefinite loan if you'd like me to take a peek when I go this
week.  I also know of a researcher who lives in the area who has been very
helpful when we  have needed more help.   Let me know if you want his address.

Hope this helps!

Holly Hebert