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2007/12/14 06:43:00
Carl (Jack) Chronister
[FR] Surnames: Krannest, Chranest, Kranest, Chronest
Datum 2007/12/15 13:23:01
Dieter Fuchs
[FR] Ehe-Register immer 2x?
2007/12/14 06:43:00
Carl (Jack) Chronister
[FR] Surnames: Krannest, Chranest, Kranest, Chronest
Betreff 2007/12/02 15:26:20
Dieter Semmler
[FR] Vorstellung und Suche nach WALTER
2007/12/12 18:53:10
Herbert Jordan
Re: [FR] Sterbeeintrag Lateinisch
Autor 2007/12/21 12:17:53
Re: [FR] Hilfe bei GFF CD Franken

Re: [FR] Surnames: Krannest, Chranest, Kranest, Chronest

Date: 2007/12/14 12:55:13
From: Herbert Jordan <herbert_jordan(a)...

Dear Sir,
Bingo, I have done some research for KROENESTER (sounds very similar to the names you have mentioned) in Burghaslach (Franconia) and surrounding parishes like Aschbach (I was born there) and Geiselwind. My KROENESTER pedigree starts with a Wolff Kroenester (born around 1645), he lived in a tiny village named Pretzdorf (which is close to Burghaslach); his son Kilian was born in Pretzdorf and baptized October 18, 1668 in Burghaslach. Kilian was married to Anna Elisabetha Stolz from Aschbach on January 16, 1698 in Aschbach.
Please let me know if this fits into your own pedigree so we could exchange our researched results.
Best wishes
Herbert (Jordan) > Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 00:42:32 -0500> From: jackkran(a)... To: Franken-L(a)... Subject: [FR] Surnames: Krannest, Chranest, Kranest, Chronest> > Dear Sirs : > > I am researching my Familiennamen through the centuries, starting with CHRANNEST, 
> CHRANEST in Vienna, Austria. Continuing to KRANNEST, KRANEST und CHRONEST to 
> Graz,Austria.> > Moving to Germany the town of BURGHASLACH in Bavaria, und REGENSBURG. > > My Familie was Catholic in Austria und Evang.-Luth. in Germany.> > I am searching for my GROSSVATER of 13 generations past, his name was ABRAHAM 
> near STEINAKIRCHEN AM WOODS. > He had a Sohn named, MATTHIAS KRANNESTER, born 1615. He married MARGARETHA 
> HOLBLING, born 1629, Tochter of Hanns und Rosina Holbling to Purgestall, Austria. 
> Matthias und Margaretha Krannester had (8) children. Records at Badenbach, Evang.- Luth. 
> churchbook....>  > Jackkran(a)... _______________________________________________> Franken-L mailing list> Franken-L(a)...
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