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2001/09/06 04:32:15
John Merz
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John Merz
Re: [FR] Re: usefull information
2001/09/06 04:32:15
John Merz
[FR] Re: usefull information
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John Merz
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2001/09/25 17:32:50
Larry Mastromatteo
[FR] Wölfel in Hersbruck
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Manfred Feinauer
AW: [FR] Re: usefull information

AW: [FR] Re: usefull information

Date: 2001/09/06 10:51:14
From: Manfred Feinauer <mafein(a)...

wenn die Nachrichten von John Merz in Deutsch erhältlich wären,
könnten auch
wir Deutschen Leser davon Nutzen haben.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Manfred Feinauer   aus Heilbronn am Neckar

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here is #3

(Pages also include other German locations.  See Pfalz locations
at end of
Pt. 3)

---Staatsarchiv Amberg
Archivstr. 3
92224 Amberg

The state archive of Amberg contains a substantial collection of
regarding the emigration from the Oberpfalz to the United States.
concern individual emigrants; however, there also is material
available on
emigration agencies.
Most documents are accessible electronically-the search terms
"North America," and "U.S." cover the period 1807-62. These
records are found
under the following entries:

Regierung der Oberpfalz, Kammer des Innern; Regierung der
Oberpfalz, Abgabe
Landgerichte älterer Ordnung, 1803-62.
Bezirksämter, 1862-1972. Documents that are not catalogued
"Die alljährliche Übersicht über deutsche Auswanderungen nach
1843-1853"; Regierung der Oberpfalz, Kammer des Innern, Nr. 298.
"Die alljährlich zu erstattende Übersicht über die bayerische
1853-1855, 1860"; Regierung der Oberpfalz, Kammer des Innern, Nr.

---Stadt Augsburg
Postfach 11 19 60
86044 Augsburg

The city archive of Augsburg contains records on the Industrial
Fair in New
York, 1854; the American Circus Märkel-Pinder-Taylor, 1884-8; the
construction of an American ice rink; and material on emigration
to the
United States during the nineteenth century. There also are
records about the American Welfare Organization of the Quakers,
1920-4, as
well as writings by the Augsburg pietist Samuel Urlsperger
regarding the

---Staatsarchiv Augsburg
Salomon-Idler-Str. 2
86159 Augsburg

The state archive at Augsburg contains records from the various
älterer Ordnung between 1803 and 1862, as well as those of the
Bezirks- and
Landratsämter, 1862. There is considerable documentation on
nineteenth and
twentieth century emigration to the United States from the
Augsburg region.
These records were recently used in the work by Peter Maidl,
nach Übersee, volume I: Studien zur bayerisch-schwäbischen
Auswanderung nach
Nordamerika im 19. Jahrhundert; Volume II: Verzeichnis der
Auswanderer, Ph.D.
thesis, University of Augsburg 1993; available on microform.
Users may want
to consult individual records of the Bavarian government
regarding general
emigration matters, as well as Nachlaßakten of emigrants in the
holdings of
the Landgerichte ältererer Ordnung and Amtsgerichte. The papers
of Count
Friedrich Ludwig Walbott of Bassenheim (1844-1910), a large
Catholic politician, and publicist, contain records referring to
involvement in the Raphael-Verein for the care of
emigrants,1880-1910. There
also are two records on the Catholic Congress of Chicago, which
took place
during the Chicago World Trade Fair, 1892-3.
The records of the different authorities within the Office of
Government, United States (OMGUS), in Swabia are available on

---Staatsarchiv Bamberg
Hainstr. 39
96047 Bamberg

The state archive in Bamberg contains records regarding
emigration to the United States and on the United States Military
in Germany after 1945:

Records on emigration from Upper Franconia to the United States
during the
nineteenth century, including requests for emigration and the
issuance of
Records of the Office of Military Government, United States
(OMGUS) from 1946
to 1949. These have been microfilmed from the originals held at
the National
Archives in College Park, Md.
Private papers of Emil Marschalk von Ostheim (d. 1903) that
contain diaries
about his passage to North America.

---Staatsarchiv Landshut
Burg Trausnitz
84036 Landshut

contains records on emigration from the area as well as property,
tax and
other legal records (including some for marriage).

Finding aids: Researchers must refer to the old registers, only
entered into a database.

---Staatsarchiv München
Postfach 22 11 52
80501 München

The responsibility of the state archive in Munich is restricted
to the
Bavarian administrative district of Upper Bavaria. As such, the
number of
records on America is limited to the following entries:
des Isarkreises (1808-37), Regierung des Isarkreises (1817-37),
Regierung von
Oberbayern (since 1837), Landgerichte älterer Ordnung, (1802-62)
and the
Bezirksämter/Landratsämter (since 1862). Within the latter
records are
documents regarding emigration. For further information,
researchers should
consult the finding aids, because a special card index is not
available. In
addition, there are situation reports from the Munich police
department as
well as some documentation referring to the U.S. military
occupation of
Bavaria (OMGUS Bavaria), 1945f.

Finding aids:
Generaldirektion der staatlichen Archive Bayerns, ed., Bayern und
die USA:
Deutsche Territorialstaaten und die Anfänge einer Weltmacht.
Ausstellung des
Bayerischen Hauptstaatsarchivs München aus Anlaß der 200.
Wiederkehr der
UnabhängigkeitserklàÚung der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.
Neustadt an der
Aisch, n.d.

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