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Hi John,

I thought you might find this stuff usefull.  From:
(Pages also include other German locations.  See Pfalz locations at Pt. 3)

---Bischöfliches Ordinariat Speyer
Kl. Pfaffengasse 16
67346 Speyer

This archive of the Bishopric of Speyer contains records concerning
emigration, the spiritual care of emigrants, reports about nineteenth-century
church life in the U.S., and some records on the U.S. occupation of the
Speyer region.
The Älteres Archiv contains material on emigration, specifically:

two printed works of the Catholic Committee for the Assistance of German
Emigrants, 1873 (ÄA 30).
a 1925 inquiry by the diocesan clergy concerning the spiritual care of
emigrants, 1925 (ÄA 30).
two letters by an emigrant in Philadelphia, 1831/32 (ÄA 171).
two letters by emigrants in Cincinnati, 1849, 1852 (ÄA 189).
two letters on behalf of the organization of a station of sisters in
Chevelah, 1930 (ÄA 448).
a report on missionary activities by two American Mormons in Ludwigshafen,
1880 (ÄA 661).
The Bischöfliches Archiv contains important material in the folowing entries:
Bischof Daniel Bonifatius von Haneberg, 1872-6, contains material on the
emigration of citizens of the Palatinate to the U.S., missionary activities,
and a call for contributions by the Bishop of Speyer published in the
Catholic Press of America (Bestand A-XI).
Bischof Joseph Wendel, 1943-52, contains material on the delivery of potatoes
from the American Zone of Occupation in Bavaria to the Palatinate in 1946,
material on CARE (A-XVI-4), and reports on assistance from America, 1945-8
(A-XVI-16, Bestand A-XVI).
Some reports on church life in the United States may be found in the
newspaper Der Christliche Pilger (since 1848).

---Staatsarchiv Würzburg
Postfach 110816
97034 Würzburg

The state archive in Würzburg contains records regarding German-American
relations, which may be found as parts of several entries. The following are
the most important:
Emigration to North America: Records on emigration to North America are part
of the entry Regierung von Unterfranken. There are two records on emigration
agencies for America and seven records on individual cases. Other emigration
material is kept in the collective records. The records Regierung von
Unterfranken (14064-14111) cover emigration documents between December 1873
and December 1909; between May 1871 and December 1873 (14140-14145); and
individual cases between 1886 and 1907 (14146-14207). Additional material is
found in the files of the Bezirksämter/Landratsämter.
Third Reich: The Gestapo Würzburg files consist of records on individuals.
The subject index lists twenty-four records on America/Americans and eight on
the subject of declaration of war against America. There are no records on
American and Canadian POWs. Countless records of the Auslandsamt der
Deutschen Studentenschaft may be found in the entry Reichsstudentenführung
and may contain further material on correspondence with American institutions
and universities.
Occupation and Postwar Period: Some records of the American military
government of Unterfranken are available on microfiche; originals are located
at the National Archives in College Park, Md. Various holdings at Würzburg
contain material on American citizens or American soldiers living in the
region. Information on U.S. Army maneuvers and military exercises are located
in the entry Regierung von Unterfranken (17506-17510), 1956-63. The holdings
of some Landratsämter contain additional material concerning military and
social issues: Landratsamt Hammelburg, meetings of the Besatzungsausschuß,
1956-63 (5089); Landratsamt Würzburg, establishment of the German-American
Advisory Council, 1952/3 (845); Regierung von Unterfranken, invitations and
minutes of meetings of the German-American Council, 1952-62 (17466); and
cooperation with different departments of the occupation authority, 1951-60
The period before 1800 is not covered here. The records on the participation
of German troops in the American Revolutionary War (Militärsachen 95-98) were
destroyed in 1945.

Institut für pfälzische Geschichte und Volkskunde
Benzinoring 6
67657 Kaiserslautern

The ethnological collection of the Institut für Pfälzische Geschichte und
Volkskunde in Kaiserslautern contains a substantial card index related to
emigration from the Palatinate, especially to the U.S. Also included are a
collection of letters written by Palatine emigrants, about 700 books on
German-American relations and American history, and about 400 printed family
histories. The Institute also holds newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks,
including: Der Pfälzer in Amerika, 1884-1917; Hessische Blätter, which became
Hessische Blätter und Hessen-Darmstädter Zeitung, 1887-1917; Der Deutsche
Pionier, until 1885; Jahresberichte der Deutschen Gesellschaft der Stadt New
York, 1856-1949; publications of the Pennsylvania-German Society and the
Pennsylvania-German Folklife Society; Deutsch-Amerikanische
Geschichtsblätter, since 1902; The American-German Review; and the Journal of
the Lancaster County Historical Society.

Postfach 1320
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
67653 Kaiserslautern

The city archive of Kaiserslautern has several entries that refer to American
history, German emigration to the United States, and German-American

Kriegs- und Militärwesen, g: Kriegsfolgen 252-5 includes information on the
American occupation of Kaiserslautern, 1945-6 (Bestand Akten II).
Kriegs- und Militärwesen, f: NATO-Garnison 251 includes material on the death
of General Hester in 1965 (Bestand Akten II).
Öffentliche Ordnung und Sicherheit, 13: Landesverteidigung 1380-2 contains
documents on the american occupation forces, 1945-7; 15: Versorgung der
Bevölkerung 1500-2, 1510-17 holds information on NATO and American military
posts, 1945-59 (Bestand Akten III, 1).
Records on American aid for the Rhineland-Palatinate, 1921 (SM 10); the
American occupation, 1945 (SM 11); as well as Americans and German citizens
(SM 12) are located in Bestand Sammlungen.
Amerikahaus, 1952-70, 1992; US-Armee I- Allgemeines, 1950-97; US-Armee II-
Personen, 1951-94; US-Armee III- Siedlungen/Wohnraum, 1951-90s; US-Armee
IV-als Wirtschaftsfaktor/Arbeitgeber, 1951-90s; US-Armee V-Verhältnis zur
deutschen Bevölkerung, 1951-90s; US-Armee VI- Großveranstaltungen, 1952-90s;
US-Armee VII- negative Aspekte, 1951-90s; and US-Armee VIII- Zwischenfälle
1951-90s contain material regarding various aspects of the American military
in Germany (Bestand Zeitgeschichtliche Dokumentation [ZGD]).
The book collection contains literature on emigration to the U.S.,
German-American relations, and dictionaries from the nineteenth century.
The photo collection contains photos of the occupation of Karlsruhe in March
1945 as well as the stationing of American armed forces in Kaiserslautern and
Ramstein during the 1950s and 1960s.

---Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Freireligiöse Landesgemeinde Pfalz
Wörthstr. 6a
67059 Ludwigshafen

The holdings of the Johannes-Ronge-Haus are located at the Stadtarchiv

---Stadtarchiv Ludwigshafen
Postfach 21 12 25
67012 Ludwigshafen

The city archive of Ludwigshafen contains some records concerning emigration
to the United States during the nineteenth century. The Wirtschaftsschriftgut
contains information on the contacts of Ludwigshafen industrial firms. The
Newspaper Collection of the archives contains a copy of the German-language
newspaper Lancaster Adler (Lancaster, Pa.), dated December 1, 1830.