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2000/11/27 11:19:00
Annette Gehringer
[FR] Familie Schabdach
Datum 2000/11/29 00:37:40
Manfred Hugot
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2000/11/01 15:27:00
Manfred Feinauer
[FR] FOKO Kennung: GF0138
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Peter Kernwein
[FR] Re: Franken-L digest, Vol 1 #143 - 1 msg
2000/11/06 09:31:45
Hans-Georg Sachs
[FR] Sachs aus M├╝nchberg
Autor 2000/11/10 14:26:56
Ines Mannhardt
[FR] Re: [OWP] Abkuerzungen bei der Mormonen-Datenbank

Re: [FR] Re: Franken-L digest

Date: 2000/11/28 23:17:16
From: imogene <imogene(a)...

Would the area where you are going be any where near Munchsteinach?  I
have ancestor born there that I need to have some records copied from
church records.
Please contact me at:  imogene(a)...

Thank you.

Imogene Sawvell davis