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2000/05/23 00:54:18
Re: [FR] Hammelburg ... answers...
Datum 2000/05/26 09:14:54
Ralph Habersack
Re: [FR] Old book
2000/05/31 04:28:02
[FR] Oberfranken
Betreff 2000/05/26 09:14:54
Ralph Habersack
Re: [FR] Old book
2000/05/14 14:03:32
Frank Dennerlein
[FR] einige Nachnamen...
Autor 2000/05/26 16:15:28
Re: [FR] Old book

[FR] Old book

Date: 2000/05/25 22:42:10
From: gerald KISABETH <geraldkisabeth(a)...

Hello all subscribers. I am looking for someone who may have access to a copy of an old book. Perhaps someone may have an address as to where I could write to have someone do a quick lookup on my old medieval surname of Kueschwert. Here is the title:

"Landbuch der Sechsamter von 1499"
This is the area located in the Fichtelgebirge in Oberfranken in NE Bavaria.

Perhaps someone that's a subscriber to FRANKEN-L may have have some contacts to someone from this area.
Thank you for your time.
Gerald Kisabeth
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