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2000/05/04 22:02:49
R. Gumpert
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John Merz
[FR] An alle meine Freunde im Frankenland!
2000/05/11 20:24:26
Mike Summerer
[FR] Waldershof - Summerer
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Bernd Freibott
[FR] Wer kann helfen....
2000/05/16 18:50:41
Re: [FR] Visit to Oberstreu
Autor 2000/05/16 11:50:16
Seim, Juergen
Re: [FR] einige Nachnamen...


Date: 2000/05/04 22:07:15
From: Sarah Swisher <sarahswisher(a)...

New to the list. Seeking information on Jacob, born 1732, or other
WENNER's. The family name was listed in Jochsberg, Ransbach areas in
1618-1748. Today WENNER's are found in the area of Mainz, Darmstadt,

Also where would archives for this area be located?

Thank you for any help.     Sarah