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2000/05/14 18:39:57
Re: [FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA
Datum 2000/05/16 05:28:02
Elsa Kahler
Re: [FR] einige Nachnamen...
2000/05/14 18:39:57
Re: [FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA
Betreff 2000/05/22 11:52:50
Bernd Freibott
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2000/05/14 13:15:47
Irmi Gegner-Suenkler
[FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA
Autor 2000/05/14 18:39:57
Re: [FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA

Re: [FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA

Date: 2000/05/14 19:31:45
From: Irmi Gegner-Suenkler <gegner-suenkler(a)...

Hi Betty -

JBKITT schrieb:

> Sitting in my lap right now is a copy of a census. It's only one page and
> scanning down I see the names of Michael Gegner and Maria Dorsch. It has
> more info but I DON"T KNOW HOW TO READ IT!! :-(((((((
> I can tell you what it says and maybe you or someone can help you figure it
> out.
> It says:
> Michael Gegner.................Maria Dorsch
> then it has an M (I'm assuming marriage) then under *Event Date* it says 01
> Nov 1742. Then it says *State, Co., Town, Par*. Under that it says Pr.
> Ostpreussen, Worienen, Koenigsberg.
> If I'm reading this correctly, it looks as if they had a daughter named
> Maria Elisabeth Gegner born 15 Feb 1745 in Pr. Ostpreussen, Worienen,
> Koenigsberg and it looks like Maria Elisabeth married a Michael Wilk or
> Woelck on 15 Jan 1765 in Pr. Ostpreussen, Worienen, Koenigsberg.

It's Wilk !:-)))

> I only have this one sheet which isn't the entire census (I'm assuming it's
> a census), and that's all I see under Gegner/Dorsch. Does any of it sound
> familiar?

YES - Michael and Maria married in Eichhorn and they had some more children .
All of them were born in Worienen.

Jacob Gegner (* 4.7.1743)
Maria Elisabeth Gegner (15.02.1745)
Anna Catharina Gegner (22.06.1747)
Johann Christian Gegner ( 25.03.1749)
Gottlieb Gegner (21.07.1751)
Wilhelm  Gegner (08.06.1754)
Gottfried Gegner (17.04.1758)
Susanna Dorothea Gegner (02.06.1762)

They were all born in Worienen.

The one who belongs to my ancestors is Wilhelm Gegner.
All my Gegners come from that area !!!
My grandfather was born near Koenigsberg, too.
But where ist the connection ???
Can you try to find it out ???
And what is a census ???