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2000/05/12 23:07:56
Trudy Lundy
[FR] Re: Mueller in Oberfranken
Datum 2000/05/14 14:03:32
Frank Dennerlein
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2000/05/31 11:17:11
Bernd Freibott
[FR] Fuerst Wrede
Betreff 2000/05/14 18:39:57
Re: [FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA
2000/05/29 22:09:12
Ingolf Vogel
Re: [FR] Scheinfeld
Autor 2000/05/14 19:31:45
Irmi Gegner-Suenkler
Re: [FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA

[FR] GEGNER : Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA

Date: 2000/05/14 13:15:47
From: Irmi Gegner-Suenkler <gegner-suenkler(a)...

Hi Betty -

I hope you stiil here to read my mail :-)))

I found somesome living in the USA who has Gegner-descendants as well -
example HANS GEGNER *in Uehlfeld (Bavaria) married to BARBARA DANN. Son
of both
of them was JOHANNES GEGNER *3.11.1713 in Uehlfeld . Are those YOUR
ancestors as
well ?

I suddenly saw the names of my oldest ancestors from Ostpreussen -
GEGNER married to MARIA DORSCH. Now I know there must be a connection :
Bavaria-Ostpreussen-USA. Unfortunately  I still don't know in which way
GEGNERs are connected. Do you ? Can you help me ?

Viele Gruesse - Irmi