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Peter Poehls
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Re: Buchold

Stiebar Rittergeschlecht

Date: 1998/12/13 12:04:02
From: Rafal Prinke <rafalp(a)...


I am trying to find information about the "von Stiebar" or
"Stiebar von Buttenheim" family from Franken. They were medieval
knighthood and later received the titles of barons and counts
from Austrian emperors. Among other towns and castles, they
held Pretzfeld (in the centre of Nürnberg-Bamberg-Bayreuth triangle)
which has their coat-of-arms incorporated into the municipal arms.

The little information I have comes from Ernst Heinrich Kneschke, 
_Neuses allgemeines Deutsches Adels-Lexicon_, vol. 9, Leipzig 1870, 
p. 36-38.

The time period I am interested in is the second half of the 16th c.

I would be most grateful for help in tracing any monograph of
that family covering that period (if such exists), or a reference
on nobility/knighthood in Franken. 

Best regards,

Rafal T. Prinke