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1998/12/03 01:11:55
Karl Federschmidt
Re: Genealogical archive in Nuernberg
Datum 1998/12/04 17:44:35
Bruno Bauernschmidt
Genealogical archive in Nuernberg
1998/12/13 12:04:02
Rafal Prinke
Stiebar Rittergeschlecht

1998/12/02 02:36:01
W. Fred Rump
Re: Genealogical archive in Nuernberg

www, is dead

Date: 1998/12/03 22:24:39
From: W. Fred Rump <fred(a)...

I'm sorry to have to announce that Brigitte and Fred Lloyd 
yesterday sold the site name to Broderbund. They 
made this decision without consulting with anybody on the German 
genealogy team and cut off access to the system to all page 
maintainers even before they announced the transaction. 

Personally I feel betrayed that not I, not anybody, could be trusted 
with this news, so that an orderly transfer could have taken place, 
before the actyal access was cut off. The physical name title 
transfer will not happen until later this month so that there would 
have been plenty of time. 

The members of the 'team' have worked for many years to make into an address most genealogists have in their 
bookmark files for easy and quick access. It will provide 
Broderbund with easy and cheap access to what will now become 
their site. The data is of course not part of the deal and we have 
quickly made and into 
alternative access sites.

As one of your list managers and one of the individuals involved in 
building up German internet genealogy from scratch, I must say 
that they certainly had a right to sell the name but it will forever 
leave black marks on my fingers were I, at any future time, to type 
'' to access anything there as a Broderbund 


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