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1998/12/02 22:17:08
Peter Probst
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Datum 1998/12/03 22:24:39
W. Fred Rump
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1998/12/02 02:36:01
W. Fred Rump
Re: Genealogical archive in Nuernberg
Betreff 1998/12/04 17:44:35
Bruno Bauernschmidt
Genealogical archive in Nuernberg
1998/12/06 19:09:36
Joseph Kempf
Autor 1998/12/19 02:36:17
Peter Poehls
Schloetterlein from Lauda

Re: Genealogical archive in Nuernberg

Date: 1998/12/03 01:11:55
From: Karl Federschmidt <karl(a)...

Hi Bruno Bauernschmidt,
compared with most of the franken-list subscribers I live just round your
corner (at Wuppertal, Germany). But from a German perspective, Nuernberg ist
far enough away, and I never heard about the archive of the "Gesellschaft
fuer Familienforschung" there. So you might allow me to take up your geneous
offer, too:

I am searching my familiy name "Federschmidt" or "Federschmid", which is not
totally uncommon in Germany. According to my findings, the forefathers of
all (!!) bearers of this name come from an area around Gunzenhausen. I can
follow my own family tree back to the 17th century, but there are some more
branches about which I know very little or nothing. Does the genealogical
archive contain any hint about this name?

By the way: If the archive is interested in the genealogical tree of my
family, I could provide it to the archive.

All the best to you, and greetings to the whole list!

Karl Federschmidt
Duisbergstr. 25
42327 Wuppertal