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Datum 1998/12/02 17:25:37
Bill Ruff
Nuernberg Archive
1998/12/15 04:16:48
Ragged Island Books Maps & Prints
Re: Buchold
Betreff 1998/12/03 01:11:55
Karl Federschmidt
Re: Genealogical archive in Nuernberg
1998/12/15 04:16:48
Ragged Island Books Maps & Prints
Re: Buchold
Autor 1998/12/03 22:24:39
W. Fred Rump
www, is dead

Re: Genealogical archive in Nuernberg

Date: 1998/12/02 02:36:01
From: W. Fred Rump <fred(a)...

On 29 Nov 98, at 20:09, Bruno Bauernschmidt wrote about Genealogical archive in Nuernberg:

> Please be a
> little bit patient, my answer can take two or three weeks. At the end a
> general question to all members: Should the answer to a question, which
> was send to the list, also send to the list, means readable for all, or
> should the answer send to the private adress?

>From experience with many genealogical discussion lists over the 
years I know that many if not all readers enjoy reading 
knowledgeable responses to the questions others ask. It is a way 
of learning new things that are otherwise very difficult to obtain. We 
even learn from the questions as others ask things we haven't even 
thought of. 

Obviously there are situations where private answers are in order 
but generally speaking everyone hopes to learn from everyone else 
and public discussions are in order - everything about genealogy 
and especially from Northern Bavaria, ie Franken. 


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